Surface Preparation


Surface Prep

Professional surface prep with OSHA compliant dust contamination, achieving a CSP 2-3 finish depending on specification. 


Major Damage Repair

You have damage?  We have solutions.

*Concrete Repair

*Moisture Testing

*Moisture Mitigation

*Hardness Testing

*Crack Filling  



Self Contained

All Phase CPI Inc. is fully self contained, equipped with generators, grinders, sanders, scrubbers, separators, vacuums, and more.



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Every install, regardless if the slab is new or old, begins with a preparation process that includes grinding the surface. Once the initial grind and vacuum process is completed, the crew will address any imperfections such as leveling, cracks, or trenches. The surface is then ground again. Commercial grade vacuums with OSHA compliant dust separators are utilized during the grinding process to ensure that 99% of airborne dust is contained. Once the floor has been fully prepared, it receives a vapor barrier to protect the epoxy coatings from any moisture that may come up from the slab. Once the floor is prepared to the national industry standard (CSP II-III), the coatings will be installed via manufacturer specifications. 

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Make sure no matter which installer you use, they mechanically prepare the surface.  Acid etching is no longer an accepted method in the industry!  It does not provide enough of a surface profile (rough, opened pores) for the epoxy to bond to.